A man waits for grain at an emergency food distribution point in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region, hard-hit by drought.


A young girl and hundreds of women sit in the blistering sun as aid groups distribute rations as Ethiopia struggles with a relentless drought.


This Ethiopian farmer said that unless the rains come, more people will die.


Children sit patiently as their mothers line up for contraception outside of Harare, Zimbabwe.


A mother and her child at a doctor’s appointment outside of Harare, Zimbabwe.

money changer holding usd

A money-changer holds up U.S. dollars in Harare, a precious commodity in cash-strapped Zimbabwe.


An anti-poaching team does early morning drills ahead of patrolling the area around Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.


School children attend a math lesson in an outdoor classroom in rural Zimbabwe.

medium shot of school room

An outdoor classroom in rural Zimbabwe following a rainstorm. Most students don’t have shoes.

Shoe repairman

A shoe repairman working in a street market in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Promse the activist-option two

Activist Promise Mkwananzi has been arrested several times for protesting the Mugabe regime.


An elephant grazes near Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, an area where armed patrols protect wildlife from poaching.


Refugee children live in squalid conditions in a makeshift camp in Northern Greece.


An Afghan boy waits at a processing centre after crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Lesbos.


An emergency blanket is draped over a young girl to keep her warm after crossing the Aegean Sea.


Syrian children sit in a parking lot in Athens, unsure of where their family will end up.


Conditions are deteriorating at the Moria camp on Lesbos. Several fires have broken out there in recent months.


The Idomeni camp is home to thousands of refugees living in squalid conditions, hoping to cross the Greek border into Macedonia.

men washing eyes.JPG

Villagers on the island of Kos wash tear gas out of their eyes after clashing with riot police over a refugee processing centre being built on the island.


A group of women mourn during a moment of silence in Le Place de la Republique following the November 2015 attacks in Paris.


A woman is consumed with grief at one of the cafes targeted by the Paris attackers in November 2015.


Two bullet holes in a cafe window following the Paris attacks.

photo 4 (3)

A barricade set up during the uprising in Kiev’s Maidan Square.

Soldier Stands Guard at Maidan

A lone man in fatigues stands guard at the main entrance to Kiev’s Maidan Square the day before the country’s first presidential election following the 2014 uprising.

2014-05-25 19.47.24

Voters look anxious as they wait for the results of the presidential vote in Kiev’s Maidan Square following the 2014 uprising.


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