*stories are hyperlinked*

‘Nostalgia versus actual history:’ Richmond, Va grapples with future of monuments

‘An Olympian level of macho posturing:’ A preview of Trump-Putin G20 meeting

Living ‘as a big family:’ Athens housing project gives refugees a rare sense of hope

Refugees languish in Greece after Macedonia border lockdown

‘Race against time’ to save migrants adrift on the Mediterranean Sea

Pub patrons shrug off new U.K. health warnings about alcohol

Britain’s beloved curry under threat because of chef shortage

British comedian tackles extremism one laugh at a time

Hungarian voters set to deliver a blow to EU migrant quotas 

Drought in Ethiopia triggers fears of humanitarian crisis

Dreaming of an Afghan Democracy

Remnants of an old war: Debating the U.S. travel ban to Cuba

The long and winding road to prosecution

‘Choking game’ ends young boy’s dreams

A man who was ‘always making us smile’

A key to the past: Saving St. Brigid’s

A dream deferred

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