*stories are hyperlinked*

‘Nostalgia versus actual history:’ Richmond, Va grapples with future of monuments

‘An Olympian level of macho posturing:’ A preview of Trump-Putin G20 meeting

Living ‘as a big family:’ Athens housing project gives refugees a rare sense of hope

Refugees languish in Greece after Macedonia border lockdown

‘Race against time’ to save migrants adrift on the Mediterranean Sea

Ukip support surges in run-up to Britain’s European elections

Pub patrons shrug off new U.K. health warnings about alcohol

Britain’s beloved curry under threat because of chef shortage

British comedian tackles extremism one laugh at a time

Hungarian voters set to deliver a blow to EU migrant quotas 

Drought in Ethiopia triggers fears of humanitarian crisis

Dreaming of an Afghan Democracy

Remnants of an old war: Debating the U.S. travel ban to Cuba

The long and winding road to prosecution

‘Choking game’ ends young boy’s dreams

A man who was ‘always making us smile’

A key to the past: Saving St. Brigid’s

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