During my time at the Canadian Broadcasting Bureau in London, I’ve produced multi-platform coverage of the most significant international news in recent years.

A ‘warehouse of souls:’ the refugee crisis in Greece

A humanitarian disaster. I’ve travelled to Greece multiple times over the past year to cover the refugee crisis in the struggling country. I was part of a team awarded an RTNDA and a Gabriel Award for our reporting from the Greek island of Lesbos, the front line of the crisis in Europe.

The Lion of Africa: Ethiopia on Edge 

Ethiopia is being haunted by ghosts of its past as it struggles to cope with a widespread drought. I produced this CBC documentary on the situation in the country, helping to form the editorial direction of the piece and managing difficult logistic challenges and a rigorous visa process.

Hungary’s Contradictions 

Hungary became one of Europe’s most hardline countries during the refugee crisis. It was accused of forgetting both its own history, when thousands of Hungarians were given refuge in other parts of Europe, and turning its back on its European partners. We travelled to Hungary to capture the attitudes shaping the government’s policies.

Europe’s Discontent

In the wake of Trump, we travel to France to look at how his victory is energizing far right parties across Europe; and the establishment’s struggle to stop the populist wave.

Forgotten Malalas: The other girls shot in the Taliban attack

This piece by Nahlah Ayed focused on the little-known stories of Shazia Ramzan and Kainat Riaz, two classmates of Malala Yousafzai who were shot by the Taliban alongside her. I acted as the main chase producer on this piece, securing the North American exclusive joint interview with Ramzan and Riaz. My work also allowed us to be the first, and only, news crew in the world to interview the girls at their new school in the UK.

 Ann MacMillan retires: a look back at her time in London 

Ann MacMillan retired in November after more than 30 years working at the CBC’s London bureau. Before leaving she filed an essay on the evolving perception of Canadians among the British. I worked as one of the producers on this piece, overseeing the edit and making final decisions on the music and other creative elements of the piece.

Royal baby marketing bandwagon

Susan Ormiston’s report on the lead-up to the birth of Prince George centred around the efforts of everyone from posh hoteliers to amateur designers to cash in on the royal baby. I was the main chase and field producer and researcher on this story, booking all the guests in the piece and conducting three out of the four interviews, compiling all the statistics, and arranging access to all the locations where we shot.

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