“Not only did Ellen have excellent news judgement but she proved to be a first class researcher. She was well organized, worked very hard and cheerfully did every task she was assigned. She has a pleasant, outgoing personality and was a pleasure to work with. Ellen is a very talented young lady and should go far in this business. She has a real passion for news and a genuine determination to succeed: the ideal combination. ”

-Ann MacMillan, Former CBC London Bureau Chief

“From day one, she stood out as being among the best interns ever to come though this office. Her efficiency, tenacity and graciousness are a combination rarely seen in such a young journalist. I was amazed just watching her work, and thrilled at the quality of material she came back with. She handled everything we gave her with a calm urgency and a drive to do everything to an exceptionally high standard. Any newsroom would be lucky to have Ellen. She’s among the brightest we’ve seen here in London and I would always want her on my team.”

-Erin Boudreau, CBC London Senior Producer

“Ellen Mauro is one of the best students we have had at the school in recent years. Ellen took a third year course in television from me. She was a natural, not only on-camera, but behind the scenes. She writes very well and has a pleasant and congenial personality. It is extremely difficult in the course to get a grade higher than an A- because of the teamwork involved, but I gave Ellen an A+ because she was quite simply a remarkable student. I also taught her in fourth year in a course on international reporting.  It was through this course that I realized the intellectual depth that Ellen had in addition to her journalistic skills. It was in this course that I also discovered her passion for news beyond our borders. The best I can do is say that Ellen is as good as her resumé. I am certain that if you take her on, you’ll be happy you did. I think she has a future in foreign reporting.”

-Paul Adams, former correspondent for CBC The National and the Globe and Mail now a journalism instructor at Carleton University

“During her time as a student at Carleton University’s School of Journalism Ms. Mauro earned the highest grades I have ever seen on an undergraduate student’s transcript in my 20 years of teaching here… I will always remember Ms. Mauro as one of the best writers I have ever encountered among the students I have taught at Carleton. She wrote with a grace and style that is rare for someone barely 20 years old at the time. I remember sending her a note at the end of the term saying I hope she never stops writing and that one day someone, somewhere pays her well for it.”

-Mary McGuire, former CBC Radio reporter,  now a journalism instructor at Carleton University 

“Ellen is an excellent writer and perceptive journalist. Her abilities and work habits placed her among the best of her colleagues here. She demonstrated an agility of mind that belies her age and experience. Her “people skills” are excellent. In other words, Ms. Mauro is a thoughtful, perceptive journalist who will go far if given half the chance. In my opinion, you couldn’t do better.”

Klaus Pohle, supervisor of Carleton University’s journalism program and publisher of Centretown News

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